Sal (Shorea Robusta),an Environmentfriendly and Ecofriendly Alternative Vegetable Oil Fuel in comparison to diesel oil

V.K. Chhibber, Harish Chandra Joshi, Sanket Kumar Saxena


Sal seed oil is not only a green boon for the forest dwellers of Central Indian States of Orissa, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh but also it provides a sustainable medium for their livelihood by managing their several means of earning resources starting from arranging the different parts of this tree such as leaves, seeds andresins to use them as a substitute for confectionery item Cocoa butter, known as Cocoa Butter Equivalent (C.B.E.), a ingriedient of Chocolate, price, quantity and quality can be attributable and directly linked to its production. Apart from being a confectionery item, the sal seed oil now a days can also be used one of the better option for production of the vegetable oil based diesel or Biodiesel and its blend in a diesel engine such as direct injection engines. Biodiesel are vegetable oil methyl esters and can be used as a biodegradable transportation fuel in neat form or in blends with petroleum derived diesel in diesel engines. Biodiesel is similar to the conventional petroleum diesel. Biodiesel can be blended in any ratio for reduced emissions and the increased lubricity for better running vehicle. “MOST COMMON BLEND IS A MIX OF 20% BIODIESEL AND 80% PETROLEUM DIESEL, CALLED “B20”



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