About us

We Are A Research Paper Idea Factory

We exist to help you come up with ideas about possible research topics. You can use any of the ideas here, and even contribute new ideas, All we ask of you is that you are careful about how you take the ideas, so you will not be dinged for plagiarism. 

Your topic suggestions help us to help others. That is why we have our website to serve you. Do not worry about the exact number of ideas. Please feel free to suggest an information resource when submitting your idea, such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Area 51, or Monsanto, spin-off ideas from the Smithsonian Institute, or from the United Nations in Brussels. You can even suggest topics that you know your classmates are working on or ones that instructors have told you about. Think about all the topics in the news, or within your school books! 

All we ask is that you share your ideas, so that we may all grow into a more interesting and prosperous world. Thank you!