20 Social Science Research Paper Topics

Social science is a wide field of knowledge that encompasses areas such as political science, economics, psychology, pedagogics, anthropology, geography, history, etc. Consequently, there are plenty of research topics that deserve further examination. Besides, they are extremely complex that require a combination of the fields mentioned above. As a result, here is the list of some 20 social science research topics which cover most of the issues and elements that society faces today.

Social science research topics for college students

1. Entrepreneurship as a tool for development.

It is about how starting a new business can be key to a country’s economic development and growth.

2. Economic interdependence.

It is related to how international economics nowadays is shaped due to extensive links of foreign trade and transactions throughout the globe.

social science topics for research papers

3. Youth unemployment.

A serious threat to young people which they cannot find a job, as well as to the economic stability of a country.

4. Disparities between rural and urban areas.

A phenomenon in which wealth and human capital are centered mostly in cities giving as a consequence that rural areas have issues such as stigma from cities, poverty, and lack of efficient infrastructure.

5. The role of science, development, and sustainability in economic growth.

Related to how scientific research, sustainable projects, and both economic and social strategies that materialize development can contribute to economic growth in a determined country.

6. International organizations as entities to preserve order.

Institutions such as the United Nations create juridical frameworks for preserving order and security.

7. Economics of the freelance.

An economic sector that encompasses people like teachers, writers, transcribers, etc; who work from home.

8. The negative influence of unemployment on the environment.

The direct or indirect negative influence from people who don’t have a stable job in the environment.

9. Corruption’s influence on people’s behavior.

How illegal and dishonest behavior from powerful people (both public and private sector) incite people to do situations such as bribery.

10. Corruption in the private sector.

Corrupt practices from private entities such as companies and NGOs that affects their credibility and trust among people.

11. Corruption in environmental projects.

Acts of corruption that affects the development of environmental projects such as huge solar plants or research in renewable sources of energy.

12. Learning a language as a tool to tackle depression.

A phenomenon where you can stimulate your brain through language learning and cultural immersion to tackle depression and negative thoughts.

13. Influence of culture in psychology.

It is the phenomenon in which variables such as language, social patterns, and country’s people behavior can determine concepts in the psychological field.

social science topics to research

14. People’s negative behavior on social media.

Toxic behavior such as harassment, disrespecting other people’s opinions, and spamming harmful comments on social media platforms, as well as other Internet areas.

15. Fake news as a threat to democracy.

An issue that links both negative and less reliable news that affects the structures and concepts of a real democracy such as vote, political institutions, and political participation.

16. Overtourism in European cities.

A phenomenon that affects European cities such as Barcelona, Venice, and Paris, which in high season there is an extremely high number of crowded areas.

17. LGTB people in the army.

The situation of people from LGTB communities (Lesbians, Gays, Transsexual, and Bisexual) in the army in terms of stigma, behavior, and treatment towards them.

18. Reinsertion of people from rebel groups to society.

How people from disabled illegal armed groups are doing the best steps to enter society.

19. Transitional justice in post-conflict areas.

The concept of how justice is being implemented in areas where conflict has ended.

20. People’s perception of justice.

It is how positive or negative is the mindset of people about justice in their respective countries.

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