20 Environmental Science Research Paper Topics

What is environmental science? It can be put simply as science which tries to show the changes that have taken place in the global world by revealing the impacts of human activities on the environment. These human activities can be tied to the relationship between humans and the natural ecology.

Environmental Science Topics for Research

Research papers help policy makers to formulate policies and recommend the execution of interventions that can help in curbing the problem. In this article, you’re going to learn about the 20 research topics that you can formulate and use in your thesis.

The efficiency of activated carbon and bio fillers and their impacts on the environment.

In this research topic, you can jot out the need to evaluate the efficiency of these activities. Showing how it can affect human economic ьactivities and health. You can also recommend what should be done. And by the
way, this shouldn’t limit your scope.

environmental science research topics for high school students

The relationship between human activities and antimicrobial resistance.

This is another gap in research that needs to be filled. Open up your mind and think are the possible factors. Just a reminder – be sure to look at research related to this topic to gain familiarity.

How Pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors contribute to antibiotic resistance in today’s world.

Whoa! Whoa! Don’t say that we already identified this earlier. This topic is much on the evaluation of regulatory bodies in these sectors – you’re going to discuss whether regulatory bodies are doing their job well or not.

How behavioral, technological and social interventions can help in reducing the spread of antimicrobial resistance and help in the emergence of resistant bacteria.

Here you’ll be doing research on methods that can be used. Look at the advancements and provide the best methods to solve the problem. In addition, be sure to identify the behaviors that aren’t good. This can be done by collecting data on this field. The good news is that you can find this data on the web.

On top of these environmental science topics for a research paper, there are also topics that you can explore

The relationship between human and wildlife.

Talk about the risk of extinction of some species and so forth. Plus of course, the interventions that should be put in place.

research topics for environmental science

Food safety and advances in genetic engineering.

You will love this area especially if you’re a fun of agricultural developments. Talk about the myths and facts and how it’s affecting the sector.

Space exploration and the future of humanity.

Conduct research on what will happen if scientists find out about life in other planets. Talk about the environment and population change.

The Controversial human-robotic relationship and what it means to our environment.

How can technological advancements have an impact on human settlement? Think and look at some of the research that has preceded this. You will be fascinated. This isn’t fiction.

Industrialization and the impact on aquatic life.

Talk about how industrialization poses risk to aquatic life and some of the imminent measures that should be put in place to avert it.

The future of traditional medicine and the need to protect natural herbs in the environment.

Talk about the inefficiency of complementary medicine to treat and the importance of natural herbs in the future.

How environmental degradation can pose a risk to humanity.

Explain the adverse effects on environmental changes and global warming. This topic is diverse and talking to your professor for advice is ideal.

As a student, it is important how you explain and defend your points in your research paper. Most importantly be creative and talk about the emerging environmental challenges in the field of health, food & industry.

You will definitely succeed as you pick the topic of your interest.

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